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End of Life Care

We know that planning for the end of life care for your best friend is never easy.  Quality of life issues are common as pets age, and unfortunately there may come a time when a decision will have to be made about humanely ending your pets life.

Clients who have questions about their pet's quality of life can call and speak with a nurse or leave a message for a doctor to discuss any concerns they have. We can also schedule an exam where the doctor can see your pet and discuss with you the right choice for your family and your pet at that time.

For more information on end of life decisions, please visit the websites listed below or Pawspice to view their list of Quality of Life assessments and information.

We recognize that some pet owners may wish to have hospice and end of life services performed in the comfort of their own home. Unfortunately, we do not offer house calls or in-home care. Clients looking for in-home services can contact the following practices:

Lap of Love
Dr. Ashleigh Rhoades
Dr. Tara Mudry
(425) 208 - 6072

Compassion for Paws
Dr. Sara Hopkins
Dr. Allison Edwards
Dr. Lindsay Baker
(425) 802 - 2444

Kraft Mobile Veterinary Services
Dr. Darrell Kraft
(425) 482 - 6345

Montgomery Mobile 
Dr. Josh Montgomery
(206) 858 -1263

Pet Loss at Home
Multiple Doctors
1 (877) 219 - 4811

Peaceful Pet Transitions
Dr. Jessica McAfee
(425) 902 - 9202

Home Euthanasia Services
Dr. Sarah Jane Owens
(206) 206-661-6005

Gentle Hands Cherished Paws
Dr. Jason Goodwin
(425) 507 - 5274