West Seattle Animal Hospital

4700 42nd Avenue SW, Ste 210
Seattle, WA 98116



Our Nurses:

Just as in human medicine, the individuals who spend the most time caring for patients are the nurses.

Our state-licensed nurses are the back-bone of our medical support staff.  All five of them have been practicing at our hospital for at least ten years each.  Our nurses are highly skilled in procedures such as anesthesia induction, anesthesia recovery, oxygen and heat therapy, radiology, splint and bandage application, IV catheterization and cystocentesis.  In addition, they provide continual care for our hospitalized patients, including IV fluid administration, drug therapy, wound care, nutrition management, and pain control.


Our doctors and licensed nurses are supported by a team of veterinary assistants.  While under direct supervision, our veterinary assistants help take x-rays, place catheters, apply bandages, draw blood, care for hospitalized patients and perform urinalysis and parasite checks.

One particular challenge of veterinary nursing is that our patients do not speak in words.  As a result, our nurses are continually watching and listening for the subtle clues that a patient needs something.  Whether it's more pain medication, warmer or cooler bedding, something different to eat, a potty break or simply a calming touch and voice, our nurses are always advocating on behalf of each individual patient.



Our nurses don't just care for patients, they also care for the pet's people.  Our nurses are here to help pet owners determine whether their pet needs to been seen by a doctor, give general health and behavior advice and teach owners how to administer medications.